Christo van Meer
Christo van Meer

Christo van Meer

Therapist · Psychiatrist · Psychologist

My Journey

My Journey

I have always been interested in psychology and medicine. I got a degree in psychiatry at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and later took a professional retraining course in psychotherapy and clinical psychology.

I am currently a student at Beck Institute (Philadelphia, USA) where I am trained to be a cognitive-behavioral therapist and take various skill enhancement programs. I have also worked in medical insurance and medical financing and taken part in various projects in collaboration with European Medical Center (EMC).


Main education

  • State University of Management, Banking and Finance, Russia, Moscow
  • Fachhochschule RheinMain, Bachelor of International Business Administration in Finance and Insurance, Germany, Wiesbaden
  • First Moscow State Medical University I.M. Sechenov, Medical faculty, Russia, Moscow
  • First Moscow State Medical University I.M. Sechenov, psychiatry, internship, Russia, Moscow
  • Russian State Social University, professional retraining in clinical psychology, Russia, Moscow
  • Counseling and Medical Psychology Institute I. M. Karvasarsky, psychotherapist, Russia, St. Petersburg

Additional education

  • Moscow Analytical Psychology Association, “Jungian Psychology” program, Russia, Moscow
  • State University of Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Russia, Moscow
  • BECK Institute, CBT therapist, USA, Philadelphia
  • Counseling and Medical Psychology Institute I. M. Karvasarsky, family systems therapy, positive psychotherapy, schema therapy, CBT, suicidology, clinical crisis intervention therapy, person-centered reconstructive therapy, Russia, St. Petersburg
My Help

My Help

By leveraging various therapy techniques as well as my own experience, I will make every effort to help you solve the following problems:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Relationship problems
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Eating disorders
  • Dealing with a breakup or divorce
  • Coping with loss and other problems


IlyaSeptember 19, 2020
Christo struck me as an outstanding professional. He skillfully picks the right words and immediately makes a good impression. Already in our first session, he managed to accurately identify the mindsets that were hindering my personal growth in a significant way. We'll continue working together. Can definitely recommend!... Show more
SerafimaOctober 2, 2020
Christo creates an environment that really helps you speak about complex things quite easily. I liked his considerate manner and the way he chooses his words carefully. My husband and I were given the same amount of attention; Christo's professionalism wouldn't allow him to take a side.... Show more
GalinaAugust 25, 2020
Everything was clear, timely and well-organized. I liked the session, the therapist was quite receptive and helped me organize my countless thoughts, desires, and ideas. I also liked his neutral approach, he didn't express any specific judgments but at the same time made the process well-structured and unambiguous by asking guiding questions. My problem had to do with career and self-realization. The session met my expectations, I felt a boost of energy and left in a great mood! Thank you so much!... Show more
IvanAugust 13, 2020
In my first session, I immediately realized Christo was an extremely skilled professional. I'm very happy to have had the privilege of working with him. We'll continue what we started! I personally recommend Christo to anyone who seeks help.... Show more
TamaraSeptember 19, 2020
Christo is remarkably professional. Before my first session, I was a bit wary because I already had a negative experience with a different therapist. But I ended up having zero regrets in the end, I am very happy to have worked with Christo! It felt like talking to a friend who really understands you and is interested in helping you solve your problem. My mood got much better as a result of the session and all I could feel was positive energy. Thank you very much for your work, Christo!... Show more
My Approach

My Approach

Throughout the many years of my hands-on clinical experience, I have developed a unique approach to psychodiagnostics and treating personality disorders, depressions, and phobias. I use a combination of various therapy techniques and approaches, which enables me and my patients to achieve outstanding results.

I tailor my therapy style to the specific needs of every client to ensure maximum therapeutic effect.

One-on-one counseling session

Online · 50 min · from 130 €

Family counseling session

Online · 90 min · from 200 €

Group counseling session

Open and closed groups · 90 to 120 min · from 50 €


Online · up to 120 min · from 500 €

Therapy can be either short term (up to 10 sessions) or long-term (10+ sessions). The duration depends on your situation.


Check out my blog with lots of interesting posts. and information on anger management, self-care, how to build relationships with parents, and more.

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